Music for Architecture - Dialogues


Dialogues is a study of the unique architectural and sound collaborations developed and completed over the last 10 years between music composer Peter Adjaye aka AJ Kwame and his brother, the award winning architect David Adjaye OBE. The two brothers are artistic collaborators and this study investigates the creative process shared by them and how they inspire each other united by their experiences with sound. The project sends out the universal message that there is much to be explored in the intersections and fusions of music and architecture. It reveals the great influence and creative vein they mutually share. Dialogues is about the communication between different disciplines in new ways that are descriptive of a journey through sound and space.

Released on The Vinyl Factory Records / MusicForArchitecture Records: A limited Edition (300 copies) Gatefold Vinyl only Album containing a 32 page booklet.

For my generation, sound is part of the process of visualising space. It’s an experiment. I’m interested in understanding a composer’s reactions to a space, in hearing the echo.
What Peter does is “sound architecture”. I give Peter a project and ask him to react. Architecture is a narrative. This project is like a DNA experiment. There’s a construction. What would be the script for this?
David Adjaye

Side A
‘Darkest Light’ – Elektra House
‘Reflections of a Golden Dream’- Stephen Lawrence Centre
‘Footprints in 3 suites’ – Horizon Pavilion
Side B

‘PeaceSphere’ – Nobel Peace Centre, Nobel Field
‘Patterns’ – Ideas Stores
Side C
‘Journey to the One’ – Upper Rooms
‘Three Views of Light’ – Genesis Pavilion
Side D
‘Dirty House Music’ – Dirty House
‘Chromatic Fantasy’ –
‘Echoes’ – Asymmetric Chamber



AFRI-KOKOA is proud to exclusively present the debut live performance by STRUT RECORDS new signing and one of the very best new cutting edge contemporary african acts of 2016. THE KONDI BAND is blind thumb piano player and singer SORIE KONDI from SIERRA LEONE with Rio-based NEW YORK producer CHIEF BOIMA. The album forges a direct link between Techno born in the black cities of the American Midwest (where Boima grew up) and roots African music. Sorie Kondi may be playing an acoustic folk instrument from Sierra Leone, but he thinks about music as if he were a Techno producer.

Sorie Kondi is a blind musician Born and raised near Makeni in Sierra Leone. He moved to Freetown as a young man to pursue music professionally. A promising career in Sierra Leone’s lively popular music industry was cut short when Sierra Leone’s civil war arrived in the 1990’s. After the fighting years subsided, Sorie Kondi sustained himself by traveling from town to town and village to village playing music for locals, and it was in the seaside town of Lungi that he ran into an American named Luke Wasserman.

Amazed by Kondi’s talent and song writing skills, Luke – a professional sound engineer – recorded Sorie, launching his first album as a folk music field recording. But Sorie had other plans in mind. He convinced Luke that he was in fact a forward thinking producer and composer, and they worked together on Sorie’s first studio debut, recorded at Luke’s house in Lungi.

The Kondi Band started when Boima spotted a youtube video for the title track from Sorie’s studio album, “Without Money No Family” and was struck by his beautiful vocals and socially-conscious lyrics. Melodies formed by his namesake thumb piano (the kondi) sealed the deal: He immediately decided to remix it. That bootleg remix started appearing in DJ playlists and led to coverage by The Fader magazine. As a result, Luke reached out to me, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign we brought Sorie Kondi to America for a five date tour. During that time Sorie and Boima worked on new recordings, which developed into the debut Kondi Band album.

This album forges a direct link between Techno born in the black cities of the American Midwest (where I grew up) and the music of the Sierra Leone interior (where my father is from). My attempt in producing this record is to supplement Sorie’s own producer mind — in my opinion he thinks about composition like a Techno producer does — with my technical skills, bringing out elements of his original compositions through electronic ornamentation.

The resulting product fits well alongside the sounds of such international acts as Owiny Singoma Band, Boddhi Satva, Uhuru, DJ Marfox, and Batida, or amongst the Afropop sounds of Nigeria, Ghana, and Angola.

The debut release is planned for May 2016 on STRUT RECORDS /London.

AFRI-KOKOA DJs AJ KWAME, BAGGY plus very special guests

Tickets: £12 in advance and £15 on the door

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vadou game

VAUDOU GAME live album launch

AFRI-KOKOA exclusively presents live the super hot and in demand Togolese Afro-Funk Group ‘VAUDOU GAME’ with their amazing infectious funky psychedelic debut album ‘Apiafo’ on Hot Casa Records released on the 27th September at this very event. Their music is the rawest afro-funk similar to the famous 70s west African bands L’Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou and El Rego.


35-47 Bethanel Green Road
Shoreditch, London
E1 6LA 8pm to 1am
Tickets: £8 in advance and £10 on the door available from Eventbrite or Box office:

‘VAUDOU GAME’ are headed by Peter Solo, singer and composer, born in Aneho-Glidji, Togo the birthplace of the Voodoo Culture. Funk, is the skeletal structure of this debut album and provided the opportunity for Peter to invite his uncle, Roger Damawuzan– the famous pioneer of the 70s Soul scene – on two tracks. Their collaboration on the stone cold classic “Pas Contente” is a highlight on this100% analogue album as Apiafo was entirely recorded, mixed and mastered with old tapes and vintage instruments.

They strive for authenticity; the analogue sound and vintage looks don’t mean that Vaudou Game is searching for the past. This is Togolese funk, born in the post-colonial era that never before explored its ancient roots so deeply and proudly. Performing live with all the vintage equipment, simply a jaw dropping debut of the highest order!

Check ‘VAUDOU GAME’ on You Tube or SoundCloud

The South London soul train

AJ Kwame @ The South London Soul Train Day & Night Summer Festival at Studio 338

Sat Aug 30 – Jazzheadchronic invites you to THE SOUTH LONDON SOUL TRAIN SUMMER FESTIVAL. A 16 hour truly funked up all day and night session to end em all – at the enormous 3 Room, Studio 338 warehouse in Greenwich. 4 amazing bands + 15 of the best soul, funk and groove Dj’s on the planet – bringing it hard, live, large and very direct from 2pm in the afternoon to 6am in the morning. With Extra Open AIr Arena Added to the daytime proceedings.

ROOM 1: The Open Air Weatherproof Heated Terrace + G/F main room – Run as one space from 2pm to 6am
4 carefully ‘Jazzheadchronic’ selected eclectic ‘dance’ bands at the top of their game will more than deliver live on stage. The quartet of Live artists bringing it hard, loud and very, very LIVE. First up we got fired up Hammond Organ driven bad boys THE BONGOLIAN. A Musically Armed High Calibre 5 piece band that target and find the musical hot spot – then incinerate it. Followed by Trombone & Vocal Maestro Ashley Slater’s KITTEN & THE HIP. A seriously dynamic eclectic future soul trio that’ll have you screaming for more fo sho! This band are gonna bring the heat – And you know you gonna feel it. Next up, a band that needs little introduction, a real South London Soul Train favourite. The one and only BRASSROOTS doing what they do so damn well. Infectious Brass anthemic dance floor stompahs orchestrated and directed by Trombone Scientist Jerome Harper. As one of their biggest covers go – “Sweet dreams are made of this”. The South London Soul Train Summer Festival Live line up completed by FINAL KILLAH BAND…..we are truly excited to welcome The 15 piece MAGIC DRUM ORCHESTRA. A white hot ball of polyrhythmic energy that’ll free your mind and body + deeply tenderise your soul. Beliiiiiieve!

From the land of the turntable Premier Veteran DJ’s PERRY LOUIS, The Legendary PATRICK FORGE + SPECIAL GUESTS [TBA] keeping things hot between the bands and steadily increasing the pressure. Perry & Patrick unleashing over 60 years of combined musical knowledge and DJ experience on yehs. The two P’s dropping sets of absolute banging sure fire winners & rare gems from start to finish. Tunes to make you go damn! 100% dance floor action guaranteed. Live bands and afternoon / evening DJ’s on The Open Terrace giving way to the night time slot – hosted by SLST head honcho and all round bad ass DJ JAZZHEADCHRONIC, joined by Legendary Soul II Soul Founder and musical institution JAZZIE B + the most excellent AJ KWAME [Incognito Dj’s] who’ll be delivering an all night orgy of the absolute finest in uplifting anthemic Soul, funk, groove and everything in-between. Dropping bombs of riddim and the heaviest in rhyme from midnight til the sunrises over the terrace at dawn.

As always, Passengers are requested to check their Souls at the Station as this ones for good time party people only! No Bass Wobbles Here, Only Love, Funk and Souuuuuuuul.

NEW OPEN AIR ARENA / ROOM 2: The Big Soul Review – Runs 2pm to 10pm in the new open air Arena, with all day Jamaican BB-Q and an enormous Function 1 Soundsytem.
Mukatsuku records Founder and DJ NIK WESTON alongside the most glorious heavyweight vinylst DJ MARCIA CARR, walking encyclopedia of black music DJ SI CHEEBA and Hawaiian Bop Supremo RICHIO SUZUKI cooking up some potent retro-future-brew. A Pure south london soul cocktail topped with lashings o’ soul sauce and positive En-R-G. Unbelievably Taste.T! Running til 10pm.

Nightime then seeing the opening of ……

ROOM 3: The Funk Pit – Runs 10pm to 6am on level 1
Hosted by Legendary DJ’s The Mighty SNOWBOY, Vinyl Junkie ROB MESSER and the walking musical institution that is AGMP Concerts Founder and Veteran DJ ADRIAN GIBSON – unleashing pure unadulterated Soul N’ Funk Beasts on 45 with teeth. The toughest, rarest, nastiest joints delivered to the whole o’ yoh soul. Taking Absolutely No Prisoners.

Book tickets:

South London Soul Train Special

AJ Kwame @ South London Soul Train Disco Special

South London Soul Train Disco Special

Bussey Building, Sat Nov 2

Peckham nightlife hub the Bussey Building hosts a special disco edition of its regular soul and funk night this week. As usual, residents Jazzheadchronic and AJ Kwame will be on the decks all night spinning their favourite records – but this time they’ll be reaching for Le Chic and Disco Inferno rather than classic Motown cuts. If disco isn’t your thing, the DJs on level two will still be spinning the same 45″ funk and soul classics that make the night such fun.

Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST, 10pm-5am, £5,

Da Lata FB Banner

An AFRO-BRAZILIAN Adventure featuring ‘DA LATA’ LIVE


An AFRO-BRAZILIAN Adventure featuring ‘DA LATA’ LIVE
SATURDAY May 10th 2014 from 8pm to 1am
RICHMIX, 35-47 Bethanal Green Road, Shoreditch, London, E1 6LA


Tickets selling fast for one of the best contemporary afro-brazilian bands around at the moment.
Make sure you reach AFRI-KOKOA this Saturday 10th May for ‘Da Lata’ live for a night of dance floor mayhem and great music.
Tickets at RichMix website and boxoffice – 0207 613 7498 or

AFRI-KOKOA proudly presents DA LATA live performing 20 years of Afro Brazilian adventure from their long awaited new album ‘Fabiola’ on Agogo Records, their first London Headline show since releasing the album. Having re-ignited after a 10-year hiatus, the group have gained critical praise for their album, re-established their reputation for blowing audiences away and have just won the UK Lukas Award for ‘Best Brazilian Act of 2013’.

Da Lata is a 7 piece band led by Chris Franck & Patrick Forge with Brazilian Jandira Silva on vocals. ‘Fabiola’ features a host of talent including Luiz Gabriel Lopes (Graveola) (Brazil), Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde), Miguel Atwood Ferguson (USA) Rich Medina (USA) Marcelo Janeci (Brazil) Luisa Maita (Brazil), Fabricio FBC (Brazil), Sacha Gabriel (Canada), Jason Yarde (UK), Finn Peters (UK) and Diabel Cissokho (Senegal) who have all helped craft a record with a raw and live approach fusing Afro-Brazilian flavours and a dance-floor sensibility.

Brazilian Act of the Year 2014
“A cooking live band from a dream dance club” The Guardian
“Their best (album) yet” Metro 4/5
“An absorbing return, could well be their best yet” 4/5 Songlines
“Da Lata back on top form. Proper London tropicalia” Gilles Peterson
“Each track a trip, a pure pleasure” Laurent Garnier
Charting no 1 album, 2013 Xmas/New Year charts World Music Network
“A masterpiece” 9/10 Blues & Soul

AFRI-KOKOA DJs AJ Kwame plus Baggy and very special guests

Tickets: £10 in advance and £12 on the door
Boxoffice: 0207 613 7498


VIDEOS: Ronco Da Cuica LIVE (forthcoming on 12”)
DJ MIXES: Patrick Forge’s Da Lata MIX for Gilles Peterson

MEETING ARCHITECTURE Part 5: David Adjaye and Peter Adjaye – MAXXI  Today, Thursday 10 April 2014, sees the fifth part of Meeting Architecture, the British School at Rome’s new programme curated by Marina Engel, with a talk by british architect David Adjaye and his composer brother Peter Adjaye.

Meeting Architecture will run for the next few years through lectures, study-exhibitions and performances by some of the leading figures in architecture, art, film and music. It will analyse the nature of collaboration between architecture and some of the other creative processes. This fifth event will be held at MAXXI Museum in Rome and will be introduced by MAXXI Senior Curator Pippo Ciorra.

It will be a rare opportunity to hear the architect and composer discuss their collaborations that they refer to as an “on-going laboratory/library.” «For my generation sound is part of the process of visualising space. It’s an experiment. I’m interested in understanding a composer’s reactions to a space, in hearing the echo.» David Adjaye «David once drew me an image of the musical journey he wanted and I went away and came back the same day with the finished piece.» Peter Adjaye The event will also feature the screening of an anthology of films and original compositions presented for the first time with a live musical ensemble.Projects include the Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo, 2005; the celebrated Stephen Lawrence Centre, London, 2007; and installations like Asymmetric Chamber, 2003-2005.

David Adjaye is director of Adjaye Associates and is the Kenzo Tange Professor in Architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Peter Adjaye is a musician and composer based in London. The British School at Rome – Via Gramsci 61, Roma April 10, 2014 (7pm: Lecture introduced by Pippo Ciorra)

Shifty at The Lightbox


Shifty is keeping it moving from venue to venue with an ever changing fresh DJ Line up. A house night designed to un leash the shifty side of you and give you that well deserved night out that is needed at least once a month, delivering amazing nights that will have you reminiscing and chuckling to yourself on a Monday afternoon at work. Born from a desire to provide quality nights with the best house sounds from around the world. Shifty is evolving from intimate parties to full on venue-heaving parties.
Shifty at The Lightbox
Shifty has been running its monthly raves at various locations around east London from ”Dust Bar” to ”On The Rocks Studios” to ”333 Mother Bar” to ”Sosho” …

This months glittering Line-Up, hand selected for your raving pleasure will be,,,

JON DUBAYA ~ Casa Pura
JOE LE GROOVE ~ Brake Horse
SI MAC ~ Brake Horse
TOMMY EVANS ~ Serenade

We are building up a loyal following of some of the best clubbers to ever hit club land!! Our regulars attend Shifty events for two things!!!… The Music and the Amazing Electric Atmosphere generated on our nights so intense in fact that people have gone home with a fully charged mobile phone…

£10 Members / £15 Non Members on the door!

£10 Inc booking fee VIA TicketWeb…

*Guestlist Only event* Email your name to … Or your Name, D.O.B, Address, Tel & Pic to be a permanent member.

No I.D/No Entry

*No Hats, Hoods or sportswear*

Alessandra Dagos in the mix

Sevensessions 5 by Sevensensis 7s on Mixcloud

JON DUBAYA in the mix

House Emotions 2013 – JON DUBAYA +447958650280 by Jon Dubaya on Mixcloud

IQ at Hidden - Vauxhall

IQ @ Hidden

IQ Residents:
Jon Dubaya (Casa Pura)
Scorp!o (Mindbloc)
Alessandra Dagos (7Sensis)
Jayson Smythe (Unknown Live)
Dappa Smith (Rinse Live)
Cipriani (Trolleyed Live)
NG (Hse Int)
Bobby Davis (Housewave Live)
& Special Guests
It’s all about the IQ Raver….. UnIQue, UbIQuitous, EtIQuette, Exclusively, Every Sunday 5am……. HIDDEN…. Say Suttun! ♥

Brand New Look, Same Great Party

Strictly Underground MinTech House Beats

The Best Fresh & Heritage Underground IQ DJ’s Selected From The UK And Europe Wide

Great Atmosphere, Fun & Friendly Staff

Every Sunday
Through 2012

IQ House Pure Afterparty

£10 Standard Entry, £5 IQ Subscribers T-Shirt, Keyring Holders, & Limited Wristbands.


IQ’s Very Own Special Guest DJS every week, Its all about the Music!……

Conveniently located in Vauxhall, Londons Official Raving District. We’ll be playing the very best in Tech House, Electro House & Minimal Tech every Sunday Morning @ 5am – 11am

IQ V.I.R???
Get Involved NOW Hit this link to submit your application:

RichMix Seckou E flyer email 2


AFRI_KOKOA people get your dancing shoes on!…..AFRI-KOKOA presents a very special exclusive london concert by the legendary Senegalese, virtuoso master Kora player SECKOU KEITA with his 7 piece band, featuring a stellar lineup of international musicians from Senegal, Cuba, Gambia and Burkino Faso. This the penultimate gig, in his current 27 date UK tour, is for the exciting launch of his new Album ‘MIRO’

FRIDAY 9th NOVEMBER 2012 at the RICHMIX, 35-47 Bethnal Green, E1, 6LA on from 8pm to midnight

Keita is the treasure of a Nation  – Africa news
An inspired exponent of the Kora  – The Guardian
Breathtaking finger-work & musicianship – New Statesman
A brilliant live performer with stacks of charisma-  Radio BBC3

SECKOU KEITA Senegal Kora, Voice & Percussion
ADAMA BILOROU DEMBELE Burkina Faso Balafon & Percussion
BINTA SUSO Gambia Voice
SUNTOU SUSSO Gambia Percussion

Respecting a musical tradition that stretches back to the 13th Century and the Mandinka Empire of West Africa, Seckou is an established contemporary master of the Kora, the 21 stringed African harp. With his feet firmly rooted in the present and the identity of his heritage clear, Seckou is leading a new generation of African musicians, keen to experiment and develop fresh ideas.

Playing a dance floor filing selection of the finest african music from highlife to afro-mashups

£10 in advance and £12 on the door

RichMix Box Office: 0207 613 7498

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